Clinic presentation


With an experience of 11 years in private medical sector of Moldova, this clinic is one of the leading providers of medical services in gynecology and obstetrics in the country. Offers its clients a wide range of medical services, including reproductive health services, which are based on solid experience and an infrastructure designed to satisfy all his patients.



Include unităţile tehnico-administrative: centrala termică, generator electric, staţie fluide medicale, spălătorie, serviciul gospodărie, etc.

Here are operated ambulatory medical services, medical registry and public relations.

Reception - is  placed in the waiting hall equipped with informational materials, newspapers, journals, automatic water, TV, so that expectation (that we hope to be as shorter) be pleasant.

  • Reception makes possible:
  • Get information on services, program consultation
  • Making appointments
  • Entering personal data in local information system, patient admission
  • Release of investigation results
  • Payment of medical services

SPECIALISTS CabinetsFor specialty consultations are available two fully equipped offices, including ultrasound 2D, 3D, 4D, abdominal and transvaginal, Doppler color, etc.

Cabinet No. 1 and 2 - is equipped with a last generation General Electric LOGIQ 7 Class Wizard that allows investigation of complex fetal morphology, determination of specific ultrasound markers for chromosomal abnormalities, and making three-dimensional ultrasound static (3D) and moving (4D) with storage on demand, images on paper, USB, CD.

Cabinet Nr. 3 (maneuvers) - here are made miniinvasive procedures (uterine curettage, biopsy, colposcopy, etc.) that do not require prolonged surveillance. This can be done under local anesthesia (pain sensitivity minimization) or general (asleep).

Created for hospital activity with the following components:

  • Surgical Department, 10 beds
  • ATI compartment, 3 beds
  • Day Hospitalization, 1 bed
  • Operator block with an operating room
  • Sterile station
  • Medical cabinet
  • Medical’s Assistant room
  • Pharmacy with closed circuit

OPERATOR Block - designed and built according to the latest health standards, equipped with air purified system, independent source of oxygen, is composed of a fully equipped operating room for classical surgery and conventional surgery (histeroscopii, laparascopii, minilaparatomii).

Intensive Care Room – has 3 beds, which allow monitoring of patients immediately after surgery or cases that require complex monitoring.

SIM 8526 SIM 8506
Patient’s rooms - for ordinary hospital are equipped with bathroom with shower, with mobile beds, wardrobe, TV, refrigerator, telephone, Internet, alarm and call for medical personnel system, multifunctional lighting system and air conditioning. SIM 8570


Administration Offices: Director, Accounting, head nurse, archive, etc.